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Apprato is more than an eCommerce agency. We’re your full-stack developer, project manager, designer, practitioner, and software architect all rolled into one. We’ll provide you with every insight you need to improve the customer experience and gain a razor-sharp edge over the competition. Take the first step toward eCommerce growth today.

Bespoke eCommerce Audits.

Our full-service website audits will discover new opportunities for you to optimise and grow your online business. We’ll build a tailored solution, honing in on the technical factors you want to assess—whether that be website speed, solution architecture, front-end UX, Shopify configuration, or any other aspect of your operation.
And, once we’ve documented our findings, our experienced team will design and implement a solution on your behalf, so you can focus on the tasks that keep your business moving.

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Looking for new insights into your business strategy?

From your website structure and front-end UX right down to your CRM integrations and plugin configurations, there’s a lot to get right in the eCommerce space if you want to create a streamlined buyer journey. Our website auditing service will get to the nuts and bolts of your operation to discover intuitive ways for you to improve and grow your business.

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Broad strokes or fine lines. You decide.

Got an ongoing issue with your Shopify configuration? Looking to improve the front-end UX on your site? Having trouble with one of your CRM systems? Whether you’d like us to tick every box on the website audit checklist or narrow our scope to hone in on your pain points, we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis tailored to your business needs.

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Audit Services

All of our custom audits can either focus on the complete picture or be tailored to specific areas you feel need attention. Here are some of the core areas we can assess.

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Website Audit Service

We’ll assess all your core web vitals—evaluating your site performance, solution architecture, internal links, plugins and extensions—to discover and fix the technical issues holding you back.

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As certified Shopify, Magento, AWS, WooCommerce and BigCommerce practitioners, we have the skills to develop, improve, and grow your eCommerce platform.

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Marketing Analysis

Looking for a team to evaluate your digital marketing efforts? We’ll audit your current strategy and suggest improvements.

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Integration Support

Want to refine your CRM or PIM strategy? We have the experience to find out what’s working and improve what isn’t.

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Customer Experience

From front-end UX and merchandising functionalities to cross-device usability and post-purchase CX, we can explore your web pages to streamline the buyer journey.

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Security Audit

We’ll evaluate your security systems for defects and vulnerabilities. Then, we’ll work alongside you to plug any gaps that are leaving you at risk.

Ready to make your business growth a priority?

All of our custom audits can either focus on the complete picture or be tailored to specific areas you feel need attention. Here are some of the core areas we can assess.

How Apprato Can Help

Why Choose Us?

It doesn’t matter if you’re opening your first boutique clothing store or running a global B2B corporation—you need to make the buyer journey seamless if you want to convert customers. Our audits will assess each of your business touchpoints, allowing us to provide actionable recommendations that propel your growth and improve your bottom line.

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Personalisation is at the forefront of everything we do. We’ll tailor our audit to match your pain points, needs, and goals.

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Our team of highly skilled professionals specialise in helping eCommerce businesses like yours improve and grow.

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Actionable Strategies

We’ll never give you a list of problems without any solutions. We’ll outline our recommendations and implement them for you.

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End-to-end Services

Our audits can be all-encompassing or laser-focused. Whatever your needs, we have the skills to uncover insights and help you grow.

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Proven Track Record

From ACER to Aquila, we have a proven track record serving some of the world’s most ambitious eCommerce brands.

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Communication and Support

We treat all of our clients as long-term partners. We’ll go the extra mile to provide support long after your project is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

An eCommerce site audit is an assessment of your business’s key touchpoints to discover opportunities for improvement. There are many different variations of audit, such as a technical audit, an on-page content or off-page SEO audit, and a security audit. But, at the end of it all, each of these variations boils down to assessing an aspect of your operation and providing actionable solutions for you to improve.Here are some of the core areas we can assess.

Before you consider things like content quality and front-end design, you need to make sure your website’s performance is as good as it can be. Slow page speed, confusing navigation, broken links, duplicate content and poor mobile optimisation can put a sour taste in even the most loyal customers’ mouths. A technical audit can help you identify issues and find solutions, helping you lower your bounce rate, appear higher on search engines, boost organic traffic, and improve your conversion rate.

A free technical website audit typically results in quick, concise reports produced by an automated piece of software. While this may seem appealing, it’s worth considering the opportunity cost. Free reports are often inaccurate and may miss key details, leading you down the wrong path. In contrast, a professional, paid audit will leave no stone unturned, providing you with authentic, actionable solutions that support your search engine visibility and propel long-term growth.

Once we’ve finished our audit, we’ll present our findings to you in a clear, detailed report. Whether you need to refine your internal linking strategy, optimise your site’s performance, or rebuild your site infrastructure, we’ll give you actionable solutions to the problems we’ve discovered. And, if work needs to be done, our professional team will implement all changes on your behalf.

Yes. When you work with us, we’ll treat you as a long-term partner. If you need continuous maintenance, further support, or simply some friendly advice, we’ll be on hand to provide it.

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