Our Team

Jordan Pearce
Jordan PearceGeneral Manager
Jordan is a seasoned technology leader and systems developer, with experience in both the commercial and government sectors. Jordan is MBA graduate with extensive experience in developing all aspects of eCommerce businesses.
Stephen Goudie
Stephen GoudieSenior Software Developer
Stephen has worked as a software engineer for several leading Australian companies both externally, client side and as an independent contractor and consultant. With over 10 years of IT experience particularly in the e-commerce space he is a qualified specialist in Magento 1 & 2 – one of the largest platforms in the world. He is a passionate full stack developer with skills in App Development, DevOps, integration and cloud systems.
Vishal Panchal
Vishal PanchalSoftware Developer
Vishal is a software engineer with over 10 years experience, specialising eCommerce and web development. Vishal has strong experience in developing Magento marketplaces and creating and modifying custom eCommerce platforms. Vishal is a certified Expert-Magento 1 and 2 software developer.
Mathew Iacono
Mathew IaconoFront End Consultant
Mathew is an ecommerce and frontend expert. With almost 15 years experience across ecommerce platforms Mathew assists businesses in developing websites that are customer focused. Mathew has a keen eye for detail and picks up the little things that most people miss.
Jonathan Encavey
Jonathan EncaveyConsultant
Project manager and client manager. My Role is to identify gaps in existing business that require a unique technical solution. If required, we will engage our team at Appsure and I will project manage the team to deliver whatever the solution is. Including Apps, CRM, back office processes, Websites, Social, Media, Marketing, PR
Anthony Speranza
Anthony SperanzaUser Experience Designer
Anthony has a passion for design which is based on the fundamental belief that understanding your audience is what joins the dots and connects the user to your story. Stories that embrace the user journey and enable businesses to deliver value to their customers.
Anthony helps businesses deliver high performing, user-focussed experiences that engage and convert.